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Class Descriptions

Preschool Gymnastics

You and Me:

This class is recommended for children who can walk through at least 2 ½ years of age or until both Kids World Gymnastics and the child are comfortable taking a class without parent participation. You and Me is a class for parents to enjoy spending quality time with their child and help them develop motor skills and coordination. This class also provides children an opportunity to safely explore their environment and introduces them to physical activity. Children will learn body positions and basic gymnastics skills. This is also a great environment to introduce children to important social skills such as listening, taking turns and following directions.

*Please note that parent participation is required!

3 year old:

This class is for children 3 years old. Children will learn basic gymnastics skills and improve fine and gross motor skills in classes that blend physical and social development. In addition to listening, turn taking and following directions, we will introduce gymnastics terminology, basic gymnastics skills and body positions.

Jr. Gymnastics:

This class is for children ages 4 and 5. This class will work on further developing gross motor skills, body control and social interactions. Children begin to learn proper skill development, more gymnastics terminology and will begin to do more gymnastic skills independently. Your child will learn more of the fundamental gymnastics skills that will facilitate a seamless transition into our instructional program.

General Class Descriptions

kwg-img-03Kids World Gymnastics offers classes in cheerleading, trampoline and tumbling and women’s gymnastics for children 6 years and older. Our programs are based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Developmental Program and guidelines. Our main emphasis is on providing an environment that is Happy · Healthy · Fun! Because of our commitment to keep learning fun and safe we will make every effort to keep industry standard class ratios.

All of our classes last 1 ½ hours and meet once per week. Each week the classes take part in a 15 minute warm up/stretch period to improve flexibility and enhance general fitness levels. After the warm up period, children will receive instruction on 3 different events and class will close with a 15 minute conditioning period.

Our program is perfectly designed so that your child can develop strength, coordination, agility and balance that will be valuable in all physical activities. In addition to the physical benefits, our classes build self-confidence and give children an opportunity to experience these activities in a safe environment.

Gymnastics classes include instruction on: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, tumbling/floor exercise and trampoline/tumble trak.

Trampoline and Tumbling classes includes instruction on: tumbling, trampoline, double mini trampoline, mini trampoline and Tumble Trak.


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Please respect our age groups when registering. Attempts to fast track preschoolers can have negative implications to your child, the other children in the class and the teachers. This is the age to “love to learn” and to have multiple successes in a relaxed, fun, and loving atmosphere. We want Kids World Gymnastics to be A World Where Every Child Can Succeed!